It is important that you get the most out of your first class. With our years of experience of teaching new students we have narrowed down our top tips to help you prepare for your first class.

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What to expect: first class

A regular Pilates class covers a range of movements that each focus on a particular aspect of the body eg core strength, spine flexiblity, hip mobility, standing balance, knee strength, thigh flexibility, and muscle release. Each movement is repeated several times in succession - usually 8-12 times. Each class starts by warming up the muscles in preparation for movement, the bulk of the class is working all your major muscles and joints, and at the end of the class, there will be a cooldown of the muscles to stretch and release.

Will I be able for a class?

Anyone can do a Pilates class. You don't need to be fit or bendy to do Pilates, but doing Pilates will help you become fitter and more bendy. While Pilates demands mental and physical focus, you will find your workout enjoyable and energising. You will find that you will move muscles you may not have moved for a while. For more on starting or restarting your Pilates class see Beginners Pilates, and Returning to Fitness, and Fit for Life classes.

what to wear?

Wear something you can move in freely. For your feet you can either wear socks or not.
For reformer Pilates, it is advisable to have grip socks, or have bare feet. We have a wide range of grip socks for sale at the studio.
It is advisable to have a light snack in advance of your class, and to be well hydrated, it is recommended you also bring a small bottle of water with you to your class.

choose your class

Think about what it is you would like to get out of your class and then choose the best fit of class that is going to help you achieve this. We cater for a wide range of fitness abilities and fitness goals in our group classes and private sessions.  Check our our Help to Choose Your Class guide.
You may like to start with one type of class and then move on to do another type of class, or combine two different types of classes into your weekly workout plan - see How Often Should I do Pilates?
The timetable shows the days and times our group classes are running, for details on the descriptions of classes see What Classes Do We Do?

Book your class

Once you have chosen the group class that best suits your needs, you can Book yourself directly into the class using our convenient online booking system. For Private Appointments contact me directly on 0874313740 to book.Take care when you are booking to ensure your choice of place is correct - many classes can be attended either in person or via zoom - contact me directly on  0874313740  if you wish to join your class via zoom.

What you will need

Classes start promptly so allow yourself time to arrive, and settle in. All equipment is supplied - this includes mat, stability ball, hand weights, stability cushion and Pilates blocks. 
We have post Covid measures in place to keep you safe when attending a class in person, which includes all items being disinfected and wiped down after each use - see our Measures to Keep You Safe.
If you are attending one of our classes online, see our Tips for your first Online Class.