preparing FOR YOUR FIRST pilates CLASS

Welcome to our Pilates Donegal Studio in Ballyshannon, where your Pilates journey begins in a supportive and welcoming environment.  Our studio is dedicated to ensuring every newcomer feels immediately at home, offering personalized attention in a community where everyone is encouraged to grow at their own pace. Whether it's your first time stepping onto a Pilates mat, trying reformer Pilates for the first time, or having a go at Beach Pilates for the first time, or you're preparing for the birth of your baby or returning to fitness, or just had your baby our classes are designed to meet you where you are. 

With our dynamic schedule featuring mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, and Beach Pilates, along with the option for private appointments, we're here to adapt to your needs and help you discover the path to complete well-being. Let us guide you through a rewarding journey in a nurturing and judgment-free space.

Getting Ready for Your First Class: Expectations, Abilities, and Attire

What to expect: first class

In every Pilates class, you'll explore movements targeting core strength, spine flexibility, and hip mobility, each designed to enhance a specific body aspect. Under expert guidance, you'll be led through routines repeated 8-12 times for effectiveness. We start with a warm-up to ready your muscles, followed by comprehensive exercises engaging all major muscles and joints, and finish with stretches and release moves, ensuring a balanced and supportive experience.

Will I be able for a class?

Pilates welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness or flexibility. Our classes are enjoyable and energizing, designed to improve your fitness and flexibility over time. Your skilled instructor will tailor exercises to meet diverse needs, ensuring a personalized and supportive experience. Whether you're awakening dormant muscles or enhancing your focus, Pilates adapts to you. 

what to wear?

Dress comfortably to move freely; socks are optional, though grip socks are recommended for reformer Pilates, available for purchase at our studio. We suggest a light snack before class and bring water to stay hydrated. Our studio prides itself on being a judgment-free zone, focusing on comfort and movement, designed to maximize your session's benefits. You'll find a warm welcome and support to ensure you get the most out of every class 

choosing your class

Embarking on your fitness journey? Discover the perfect class tailored to your ambitions—whether you're aiming to boost your energy, enhance work-life balance, or achieve a new level of fitness. Our diverse offerings cater to varying needs, from building core strength to improving flexibility, ensuring there's a match for every ambition.

Dive into our Help to Choose Your Class guide for tailored recommendations. Many find their rhythm by starting with one class type and gradually incorporating others, crafting a holistic workout regimen. For insights on crafting your ideal Pilates schedule, check out How Often Should I do Pilates?

Our current weekly schedule, displayed here, outlines the variety and timing of our group classes. Curious about what each class involves? What Classes Do We Do?  offers a closer look, helping you make an informed decision.

Book your class

Found the perfect group class for you? Secure your spot effortlessly with our online booking system. For a more tailored experience or to schedule a private session, please reach out directly at 0874313740.

Please verify your booking details, as many of our mat Pilates classes offer the flexibility to participate either in-person or online. For online attendance or any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me at 0874313740. We’re here to ensure your Pilates journey starts smoothly.

What you will need

Arrive with time to spare, allowing for a calm start to your class. We provide all necessary equipment, including mats, stability balls, hand weights, stability cushions, and Pilates blocks. Socks, preferably grip socks, are worn during exercises, though bare feet are also an option.

In response to post-Covid, we ensure your safety with disinfection of all equipment after each use—details in our Measures to Keep You Safe.  Please remember to silence your phone or leave it in your car to maintain a focused and undisturbed environment.

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