Taking your first Pilates steps with us


Welcome New Members to Pilates Donegal. I am delighted to invite you to start your Pilates journey with us. I'm excited to introduce three new  special discounted packages for February 2024 tailored just for you. Whether you're here to develop your fitness, get ready for the next stage in your life, or recover from what life has given you, we've got something suitable for you.
And when you choose to move on to a regular membership, enjoy a bonus class added to the first membership pack you purchase within a week of completing any introductory offer. 

⭐Flexi Starter Pack

  • New Member First Four Weeks Offer
  • Any x4 group classes - choose Mat, Barre, Fit for Life, or Reformer classes
  • Pack valid for 4 week
  • One off payment
  • Limited to one lifetime purchase per person
  • Benefits: Perfect for beginners, flexible scheduling, experience both mat and reformer classes, save over individual classes.

    ⭐Welcome Combo Sock Pack

  • New Member First Three Weeks Offer
  • Any x3 group mat classes - choose Mat, Barre, Fit for Life, or Reformer 
  • Pack valid for 3 weeks
  • One off payment
  • Limited to one lifetime purchase per person
  • Benefits:: Perfect for beginners and includes a pair of quality Grip Socks try all three class types, and save over individual classes.

    ⭐Intro to pilates Plus 

  • New Member First Five Weeks Offer
  • x1 Private and any x4 group classes: Mat, Barre, Fit for Life, or Reformer
  • Pack valid for 5 weeks
  • One off payment.
  • Limited to one lifetime purchase per person
  • Benefits: Perfect for individual attention, blend of private and group settings, save over individual classes.

    Extend Your Practice: Unlock Your Exclusive Bonus

    Welcome to Your Next Step in Pilates

    At Pilates Donegal, we're dedicated to your growth and progression in the beautiful journey of Pilates. To celebrate your commitment and to help you seamlessly transition from our introductory offer to becoming a full-fledged member of our vibrant community, we're excited to present a special perk just for you.

    **Exclusive Bonus Class Offer**

    When you decide to extend your practice with us by choosing your first membership pack, we'll gift you an additional class at no extra cost. 
    Make your purchase within 7 days of the end of your introductory offer to qualify for the free class.
    This bonus class, mirroring the type of membership you select, is our way of saying 'thank you' for deepening your Pilates path with us.

    Why Enjoy a Bonus Class?

    • Explore More: Dive deeper into the Pilates method and discover more about your body's incredible capabilities.
    • Flexibility: Use your bonus class to book into your class choice.
    • Community Connection: Spend extra time with our supportive Pilates community and be part of something bigger.

    how to claim your bonus

    1. Select Your Membership Pack: Browse our variety of membership options and choose the one that aligns with your Pilates journey.
    2. Sign Up & Extend: Complete the sign-up process for your chosen membership pack directly in our membership page.
    3. Enjoy Your Bonus: We'll automatically add your bonus class to your account, ready for you to book and enjoy at your convenience.

    Let’s Keep Moving Forward

    Your journey in Pilates is unique, filled with personal achievements and discoveries. We're here to support every step, stretch, and strengthening moment. Sign up for your first membership today, claim your bonus class, and let's extend your practice into new realms of possibility. See Membership page for full range of options.

    PLEASE NOTE WE OPERATE A MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS CANCELLATION for mat/barre/chair BOOKED CLASSES, and 24 hours cancellation for reformer and private 1to1 booked classes

    If you wish to cancel a booked class you must cancel at least 4 hours in advance of your Mat/Barre/Chair/Fit for Life class, and 24 hours in advance of your reformer or Private 1to1 class in order not to lose the class credit”. Please note that due to the high demand for classes at the studio this policy is vigorously enforced at all times

    All classes/ courses must be booked and paid for in advance If assistance is needed just call us at the Studio on:


     To keep our prices competitive we must strictly apply our terms & conditions at all times.