Returning to fitness

Taking a break is good, starting again is even better

If you took a long break from exercise during our COVID-19 lockdown you are not alone.

As Ireland starts to open up, and the vaccine roll out continues, it is exciting to be able to start going to group exercise classes.

To get the most out of your Pilates classes, and to avoid injury, aim to take two to four weeks to get your body used to moving.

Listen to your body

Take things at your pace

During your class, work at the level that is right for you now, not where you were before your break.

Listen to your body, do your best, and be consistent over time to improve your fitness.

Listening to your body can be hard - particularly if it wants to take things easy when you never had to take it easy before.

Most of our classes are suitable for beginners or those returning after a break.

All exercises are demonstrated and clearly explained. We keep an eye on you, your form, and technique. We will cue ways to make the exercises suit you better - which may mean taking a different approach to make things more accessible, or more challenging depending on your ability.

The good news is that where you had good fitness before your break, your muscle memory will shorten the time it takes to restore that fitness.

Muscle memory refers to the efficiency of our muscle/brain connection when certain movement patterns are repeated.

The more times you do a certain thing, then the less brainpower is needed to keep doing that certain thing.

Taking a break from exercise may result in a reduction in any muscle/brain efficiency gained through exercise.

However, restarting exercise allows you to rebuild and develop this muscle/ brain efficiency.