We love what we do - and delighted when you love it too!

Selection of feedback from our clients

"I wasn't going to come today as I hurt myself doing a youtube exercise session - feel so much better after my class as I have released what I strained."

Beginner Student

"Delighted it is so active as I was unsure before I joined" Rosa Ward, Chair Pilates

"Thank you I enjoyed the classes - let me know when they are on again" Margaret Carrey, Chair Pilates

"My knees and hips have never been so good since I started Pilates 3 years ago - they used to cause me such bother getting out of a chair and going up stairs - now I have no bother at all!"

Pilates Experienced Student

Pilates can make you feel good

"Pilates has really helped my back - I work in nursing and my job involves a lot of heavy lifting"

Pilates for Back Strength Student

"The best Pilates class I have ever taken and my back has never felt better."

Pilates for Back Strength Student

"My back has not felt this good in a long time"

Pilates Beginners Student

Pilates can help your sports

“My sports training and performance is much better”

Pilates For Sports Student

"Great class, Oonagh really listens to your complaints (problem areas) and tips on how to help these."

Pilates Experienced Student

Pilates can amaze you

“Ha – I will never be able to do that!” The same student a month or so later:  “I am so pleased with myself – I never thought I would ever be able to do that!”

 Pilates Beginner Student

"Never thought I would ever be fit enough to a class - look at me now I go twice a week and love it!" Experienced Student

Medical referrals

“My physiotherapist recommended Pilates to help my recovery and am delighted to say they are really happy with my progress!”

Pilates Beginner Student

Great place to meet friends and new people

"I like the friendly atmosphere of the classes"Grainne Fahy

Curiousity got me started - now the variety keeps me going

“Never the same class twice – the variety keeps me on my toes”

Pilates Experienced Student