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Convenient online booking

Our interactive calendar gives you control to make your bookings. For descriptions of group classes see Class Details, for membership costs see Prices, and for one to one appointments see Privates.

Select class in the calendar you wish to attend and follow the onscreen directions to book. You will be prompted to enter your email address, then select and pay for a membership pack. Once you have done this you will be booked into the class selected. Repeat this for each class you wish to attend. 

Note - if you are a returning member, once you enter your email address you will be automatically booked into your class if your account contains a membership credit for the class you selected - otherwise you will be prompted to purchase a membership to complete your booking.

By booking into a class you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions, and Liability Waiver and Release.

Note that some classes are very popular and fill quickly - if the class you are interested in is FULL, get in touch and we will advise you of the most suitable alternatives and or put you on the reserve list for the class that is full. 

Meet Maeve...

Balancing work, family life and time for me can be hectic at times. Having the convenience of managing my bookings online allows me to book at a time that suits me, which could be well after everyone in the house has gone to sleep, or when I have a break during my nightshift. It also allows me to book only the classes that I know I will be able to attend.