Choosing your class Level

It is important that your class with us enables you to increase your fitness levels, that you feel comfortable and are able to get as much out of each of your classes as you can and at a pace that suits you.

We can help you achieve this with our teaching skills and experience, and by offering a range of  group classes to suit different fitness needs.

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We offer group classes at various different levels:

1. Level 1 (Beginners): These classes provides a gentle introduction to Pilates. This class is designed to teach and re-enforce the principles and basic movements of Pilates. This is ideal for anyone who is new or relatively new to Pilates, recovering from an injury, or those who would like a more gentle session.

2. Level 2 (Improvers):  Some experience is required for these classes - a minimum of 12 classes in foundation (or 12 1to1 classes). In these classes we work on building up more stamina in the core and introducing more Pilates based challenges. We also make use of modifications and incorporate props to increase the challenge of specific exercises.

3. Level 3 (Experienced):  Experience of at least 1 year of recent practice is recommended for this class. We cover the essential Pilates exercises with higher reps at a quicker tempo. We focus on developing precision, control and flow and add movements requiring strength and balance. Props such as the fitness circle, toning balls, flex-band and foam rollers are used to increase the challenge of the essential exercises.

5. All levels classes are a good choice for you if you are new to exercise or Pilates or Barre, or have done Pilates or Barre before. Also popular for friends who wish to work out together even if they are at different fitness levels. 

6. Older Adult classes have been designed for those age 55 and may be of interest if you would like to specifically maintain and develop your everyday functional movement. For more see Older Adult Classes.

" Not just one class for everybody."