Choosing your class Level

Our classes are divided into three class levels - all based on the amount of recent Pilates experience you have. To get the most out of each of your classes, feel free to book into any class that is within your Pilates experience level. Over time you will be ready to progress to the next level if you so choose. We can help you achieve this with our teaching skills and experience, and by offering a range of  group classes to suit different fitness needs. If in doubt, Contact us - we can help.

three levels of classes to choose from

1. Level 1 (Beginners)

Level 1 (Beginners) classes offer a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of Pilates, perfect for newcomers, those recovering from injuries, or returning after a break. We cover core Pilates principles and basic movements in Mat, Reformer, and Chair classes. Join us for Gentle Pilates on Tuesdays at 4pm to ease into your practice. 

2. Level 2 (Improvers)

Level 2 (Improvers) classes are designed for those with three months or more of Pilates experience. These sessions focus on enhancing core stamina and introducing advanced Pilates challenges. We employ modifications and use props to elevate the intensity of your workout. We run both mat and Reformer Pilates classes at this level.

3. All levels 

Our All Levels Pilates classes welcome everyone, regardless of Pilates experience. They're ideal for friends of varying fitness levels to work out together. While our Sports Pilates classes suggest a good fitness base, all abilities can join any class, including including Barre, Prenatal, Postnatal, Fit For Life, and Fit for Summer classes.

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