Why do Pilates? 


Doing regular exercises known as Pilates gives consistently good results, enabling you to continue to do the things that matter to you. It keeps your hips and shoulders mobile, your spine flexible, your upper body and arms strong, your lower body stable and strong, helps reduce stress and develops your core strength. It also tones your body and strengthens your posture.

reasons given for starting...

The following are some of the reasons students have given me for why they started Pilates with Pilates Donegal:
  • GP/physio recommended following injury or diagnosis to help with spine, knees, hips, shoulders both pre and post op
  • Preparation for upcoming physical challenge eg active holiday, marathon
  • Personal goal to improve fitness or ability eg continue to play golf
  • Preparation for event where posture important eg wedding
  • Recovery fitness after illness or after taking a break
  • Tone up body particularly arms and abdomen to be able to wear clothes comfortably.

reasons given for continuing...

The following are some of the reasons students have given me for why they continued to do Pilates with Pilates Donegal:
  • GP/physio happy with progress (local GPs/physios also refer their patients to Pilates Donegal)
  • Initial goals for joining were achieved, and new goals created
  • Physical strength, flexibility, mobility and energy all improved
  • Posture and muscle tone improved
  • Classes are fun, sociable and engaging
  • Improved capability to confidently and safely engage in regular activities such as walking, swimming, golfing, surfing, and physically demanding work such as farming and building
  • Stress levels reduced
  • It works!


Pilates exercises target all the major muscles and joints of the body through small movements.
These movements help to restore and reset the body from the stresses it is put through every day.
The movements also help to keep muscles flexible, important for staying free of injury.
Regular practice of Pilates will make your daily activities easier and enhance your performance in sports and help in the prevention of injuries.

Top 5 core Strenth benefits

Pilates offers numerous core strength benefits, including improved posture, enhanced stability, increased flexibility, better balance, and reduced risk of lower back pain.

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method of exercise was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s by borrowing from many different exercise disciplines including martial arts, tai chi, and his background as a boxer. He trained injured dancers, professional athletes, professional singers and performers. He also worked with people with and without injuries. The result was a comprehensive exercise system and development of specific equipment, to develop physical and mental wellbeing.

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