Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates helps keep your body moving when age starts slowing things down

Doing regular exercises known as Pilates gives consistently good results, enabling you to continue to do the things that matter to you.

  • Build core strength
  • Restore muscle balance
  • Develop stability balance
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce stress

Benefits of Pilates

• better posture - including back strength
• more mobility, strength and stamina - particularly core strength which can enhance your sports
• better balance, co-ordination, and better muscle tone
• better mind-body awareness
• more energy and more able to relax and beat stress
• help prevent falls.

It all started with Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method of exercise was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s by borrowing from many different exercise disciplines including martial arts, tai chi, and his background as a boxer.

How Pilates works

Pilates exercises target all the major muscles and joints of the body through small movements. 
These movements help to restore and reset the body from the stresses it is put through every day.
The movements also help to keep muscles flexible, important for staying free of injury.
Regular practice of Pilates will make your daily activities easier and enhance your performance in sports and help in the prevention of injuries.  
Pilates can also help the body in preparation for and recovery after childbirth.

What to expect in your Pilates class

A regular Pilates class generally covers a range of movements that focus on a particular aspect of the body eg core strength, spine mobility, standing balance, knee strength, thigh flexibility, and muscle release. With each particular movement having a target body part to work, it is repeated several times in succession - usually 8-12 times. Each class starts by warming up the muscles in preparation for movement, and at the end of the class, there will be a cooldown of the muscles to stretch and release them after having worked them. Each class will aim to reinforce and to build on what you learnt in your previous class.

Would I be able to do Pilates?

Anyone can do a Pilates class. You don't need to be fit or bendy to do Pilates, but doing Pilates will help you become fitter and more bendy. While Pilates demands mental and physical focus, you will find your workout enjoyable and energising. You will find that you will move muscles you may not have moved for a while. For more on starting or restarting your Pilates class see Returning to Fitness.

Meet Maureen...

...who on completion of her first 3 months of Pilates classes said: "I thought I was fit as I regularly run and go to the gym every week - however adding Pilates to my schedule made me feel muscles that had not been used for quite some time. Delighted with the results as my running and gym workouts are now stronger and more efficient, I feel fitter, and my sleep and posture has improved."