Pilates and Barre class descriptions

Our goal is to help you keep doing all the things that are important to you as you age.

We can help you achieve this with our teaching skills and experience, and by offering a range of classes to suit different fitness needs, both in person and Live Onine - see locations.  Once you book your class through out Live Calendar you have the choice to join in person or online - details on how to join will be sent to you. We work on where your body currently is with the goal of each class to safely maintain and develop your strength, stability, control, mobility and flexibility. 

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Pilates Mat

Our Pilates mat classes include a specific Pilates for Back Strength option and Beach Pilates. Each class covers a wide range of Pilates exercises to work all your major muscles and joints and develop core strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, mind body control and control. 

Pilates Barre

This is a fun and energetic dance cardio workout designed to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen your posture, increase mind body connection and energise you. It combines Pilates principles, Ballet moves, and stretching to music. For more see Barre.

Chair Pilates

These are highly interactive classes suitable for anyone wishing to maintain and develop functional movement. We work the whole body and pay particular attention to stability balance, bending, pushing and pulling strength. For more see Chair Pilates.

Reformer Pilates

Full body workout, this will help you improve your core strength and body awareness while strengthening muscles - helps you achieve better posture and coordination than mat Pilates. Available for group classes and One to One sessions. For more see Pilates Reformer.

Pilates Courses: 1. Let's Move - Older Adult

Back To Fitness 

Our flagship Let's Move 10 week course is suitable for older adults looking for an all over body workout. Choose to stand or sit - or a mix of both - all fitness levels welcome. This is a 10 week course which includes a one off 1to1 fitness assessment session, then a weekly 50 min group exercise class for 10 weeks. For more see Let's Move - Older Adult. We have recently run these courses in conjunction with Ireland Active

Pilates Courses 2. Sunday Morning Core + More

Core + More Course

An event with connection, movement, mindfulness and – fun, at the core!

Dedicated to giving you a much-deserved breather. Suitable for all fitness levels. Come and enjoy a mix of Pilates - and a mindful morning, in our serene studio space. A slice of escapism in this busy world – engaging your mind and body. For more see Sunday Morning Core + More.