Pilates and Barre class descriptions

Leave your Pilates class feeling better than when you started

You will find a wide range of scheduled group Pilates classes designed to give you a full body workout - increase your core strength, and improve you balance, coordination mobility and flexibility. These include classes specifically for Older Adults. For a more personalised workout we offer One to Ones that include a written personalised exercise practice note, and offer Club/ Employer group training at special rates.

Class Descriptions

Mat Pilates

You have a wide range of Mat Pilates classes to choose from - all designed to increase your core strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, control and mind body connection. You will also learn about good posture and how to attain it. For more see Benefits of Pilates.

Your choice of group mat Pilates classes includes:
  • Beginners Pilates: suitable for anyone new to mat Pilates or returning after a break wishing to refresh their skills.
  • Experienced Pilates: best suited for anyone with a strong level of Pilates ability wishing to maintain and develop it.
  • Pilates on the Ball: this is for you if you have a good level of Pilates ability looking for added stability and balance challenge. 
  • Pilates for Back Strength: this is suitable for anyone wishing to improve the health of their spine - suitable for beginners.
  • Cardio Pilates: full body cardio Pilates workout - this is how our Beach Pilates is run. Suitable for beginners with a good level of fitness.
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates: suitable for anyone cleared by their midwife/ GP to do Pilates exercises.

Reformer Pilates

Using the Pilates reformer - designed by Joseph Pilates to provide a full body workout,  this will help you improve your core strength and body awareness while strengthening muscles - helps you achieve better posture and coordination than mat Pilates. Currently offer Reformer Pilates only on a One to One basis.


This is a fun and energetic dance cardio workout designed to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen your posture, increase mind body connection and energise you. It combines Pilates principles, Ballet moves, and stretching to music. No experience needed - Barre is an all levels class. 

One to One

A private class is ideal for anyone wishing to focus on achieving their personal targets such as balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening/ conditioning, rehabilitation, improving sport performance, or Prenatal / Postnatal. Our 10 week Exercise Referral Course is run on a 1to1 basis.

Older Adults

Chair Pilates

Energetic and fun class designed to maintain and improve functional strength for all those everyday movements that can become challenging as we get older. Choose to sit or to stand for some or all of the moves - suitable for all fitness levels. Special discount rate applies for booking a 6 week chair Pilates course. For more see Chair Pilates.

Let's Move - Older Adult

These are run as public Ten Week Courses and include a 1to1 fitness assessment and goal setting appointment and social time at the beginning and the end of the class to engage with other class members. Ideal for older adults looking to increase their stability, balance, strength and flexibility. For more see Let's Move - Older Adult, and also Beginners.

Club/ Employer Private Group Bookings

Club /Employer Pilates

These are run as private Six Week Courses and are ideal for adults belonging to a specific group or community, or are working for the same employer. We specifically focus on functional movement and incorporate regular minimum fitness tests during the class to gauge progress on various aspects of strength, stability, balance, and overall fitness. For more see Club/ Employer Six Week Courses - discounted rate applies.