Pilates and Barre class descriptions

Leave your Pilates class feeling better than when you started

We offer a wide range of Pilates classes - mat, reformer, chair, cardio, and Barre. Each is designed to give you a full body workout - increase your core strength, and improve you balance, coordination mobility and flexibility. See Benefits of Pilates for more on how Pilates can help you.

New class options added regularly - if you can't see what you are looking please get in touch. 

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Class Descriptions

Mat Pilates

Suitable for all experience levels - from beginners through to experienced. Ideal for groups of friends to do a class together where they are all at different fitness levels. We cover good posture and how to attain it. For more see Benefits of Pilates. Our Beach Pilates classes are mat Pilates with a little bit of Cardio Pilates added to help keep you warm while exercising outdoors.

Cardio Pilates

Ideal once you are proficient in Pilates - we incorporate pace and challenge to raise the heart rate to give a full body workout. For more see Cardio Pilates.

Chair Pilates

Designed to teach you the basics of Pilates - ideal if you are new to Pilates, or returning after a break, or if you are not keen on kneeling or exercising on the floor. For more see Beginners.

Reformer Pilates

Using the Pilates reformer - designed by Joseph Pilates to provide a full body workout,  this will help you improve your core strength and body awareness while strengthening muscles - helps you achieve better posture and coordination than mat Pilates.


This is a fun and energetic dance cardio workout designed to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen your posture, increase mind body connection and energise you. It combines Pilates principles, Ballet moves, and stretching to music. No experience needed - an all levels class.

One to One

A private class is ideal for anyone wishing to focus on achieving their personal targets such as balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening, muscle conditioning, rehabilitation or improved sporting performance. It allows focused attention, a tailored exercise programme all at a pace that suits you.