Pilates and Barre class descriptions

Our goal is to help you keep doing all the things that are important to you as you age.

We can help you achieve this with our teaching skills and experience, and by offering a range of classes to suit different fitness needs, both in person at our Pilates Studio Ballyshannon and Live Onine.  Once you book your class through out Live Calendar you have the choice to join in person or online - details on how to join will be sent to you. We work on where your body currently is with the goal of each class to safely maintain and develop your strength, stability, control, mobility and flexibility. 

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Pilates Mat

Our Pilates mat classes covers a wide range of Pilates exercises to work all your major muscles and joints. We focus on developing core strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and mind body control. for more see Preparing for your first class. Our beginners classes include a Back Care mat option.

Pilates Barre

This is a fun and energetic dance cardio workout designed to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen your posture, increase mind body connection and energise you. It combines Pilates principles, Ballet moves, and stretching to music. For more see Barre.

Reformer Pilates

Full body workout, this will help you improve your core strength and body awareness while strengthening muscles - helps you achieve better posture and coordination than mat Pilates. Available for group classes and One to One sessions. For more see Pilates Reformer.

Older Adult

Our older adult classes help to keep everything moving when age starts slowing things down. We have two specific class options:


Our Prenatal Pilates classes focuses on your core stability and posture, with particular attention paid to your pelvic floor muscles. The aim is to help prepare your body for childbirth, and help maintain strength and increase body awareness.

Pilates, Prosecco and live music

Our monthly Friday evening chill out events are designed to restore balance through movement and music. A cheekie glass of Prosecco is a bonus. For more see Pilates, Prosecco and live music.

Pilates restore and more

A Saturday morning event suitable for all fitness levels. Come and enjoy a mix of Pilates and mndfulness, in our serene studio space. A slice of escapism in this busy world – engaging your mind and body. For more see Saturday Morning Core + More.

first timers SAMPLE CLASSES

Look out for our First Timers Sample classes. They are free and suitable for anyone considering Pilates for the first time. This is a great opportunity to come along, meet your instructor, ask questions and try Pilates at our spacious new Pilates Studio. See Beginners

group class schedule

Note that the schedule is subject to regular updates - the latest times will always be on the live calendar.Christmas Holidays - Last day of classes in December is Wed 21st December.