how often should I do Pilates?

twice a week can achieve good results

Being consistent in your Pilates practice can help you achieve  good results. Generally once a week is good to get you started, as you get more confident I would say twice a week or three times a week can help you achieve results quicker.

consistent practice pays off

Whatever the reason that got you started in Pilates, or whatever your fitness level is at when you start, consistency is key. Once a week consistently will achieve more results than doing twice or three times a week every now and again. Improvements will take place with consistency. It is important to allow time for your body to recover in between your sessions to enable the body to make adaptations

Regardless of your fitness levels, learning Pilates is a progressive practice. It is likely that your Pilates workouts will involve you learning to move differently. This is particularly so if there is imbalance in your body as a result of repeated movement patterns favouring your right side or your left side. Muscle imbalances are common in sports (eg golf, tennis, football) and occupations (eg extended lengths of time sitting, standing, and doing repetitive movements), or as a result of an injury, pain or a medical condition.

How Long does it take for Pilates to work?

You should start feeling results from regular Pilates practice in as little as 3 weeks. You are likely to feel more energised, calmer and alert after your first few sessions, and you are likely to feel stronger, more flexible, and balanced after 6 weeks.