Legals applying to class purchasing and Attendance

We want to make sure we are all on the same page

Please take a read of our rules that apply to the purchase of our classes, and to attendance at our studio. 

By booking into a class you automatically agree to our terms & conditions below.

Pilates Donegal Terms and Conditions

By joining Pilates Donegal, members automatically accept and agree to be bound by these conditions of membership. Pilates Donegal reserves the right to vary or amend these terms and conditions from time to time. The version on this website being the most up to date available.

Classes are available to purchase as a Monthly Membership, or as a Class Package.

 Monthly Memberships

  • A Monthly Membership is the name given to the purchase of 1 or more classes per week on a RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. For these purposes, a month is treated as a 4 week period consisting of 28 days.
  • Each Monthly Membership is set up on a RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. Membership Fees will be debited from the member's account, using their given bank debit/credit card, for the minimum 1-month term from the term start date.
  • A RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION activates upon the date of sale.
  • The first payment will be taken on the date of sale.
  • The second payment will be taken by Direct Debit 28 days after the date of sale.
  • Subsequent payments will be taken by Direct Debit on a rolling 28 day basis.
  • Direct Debit payments will continue until you freeze or cancel your membership.
  • Freezing your membership: Memberships can be frozen for a minimum 2 weeks and maximum 1 month. Email at least 7 days before the next payment is due.
  • Cancelling your membership: Memberships can be cancelled at any time. Email at least 14 days before the next payment is due.
  • Any payments due must be made before booking classes or amending a membership.
  • Each monthly membership will have a given number of class credits for specific class types. The main class types are: A. Mat Pilates: this includes all group mat based classes, Barre, and Chair based classes; B. Reformer Pilates: this includes all group Reformer classes;  and C. Private 1to1: this includes all individual classes booked on a one to one basis.
  • Class type credits can only be used against any matching class type class.
  • All class credits purchased in respect of a 28 day period must be used within that 28 day period.
  • There are no refunds or carry over of any unused class credits for any given 28 day period.
  • A Monthly Membership is for the named person only.

Class Packages

  • A Class Package is the name given to a specific number of class credits sold together – for example a Pilates Group Mat, Barre or Chair (x1 Class), or 4 Classes in 4 weeks.
  • A Class Package will have an expiry date. Once the expiry date has passed any unused credit are no longer valid
  • A Class Package is for the named person only.
  • A Class package is valid for a specified period starting from the date of sale.
  • Unused Class Package credits are refundable at any time before the expiry of the Class Package on the basis that any classes booked/taken are charged at the full rate applicable at the time of purchasing the Class Package.

Pricing of Memberships and Packages

  • All prices are quoted in Euro, include VAT at 23%, and all transactions are processed in Euro.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to amend prices and printing errors.
  • Prices may increase from time to time to reflect increases in cost and benefits.
  • Any direct debit changes will be notified in advance.

Booking Policy

  •  All members must book the classes they wish to attend via the Booing App or the website Live calendar in advance of attending.
  • Class booking is open until 1 hour prior to the start time of a group class, or 24 hours prior to a Private 1to1 class.
  • Each class is filled on a first come basis, with priority given to pre booked spots.
  • Full payment is due prior to booking a class.

 Cancellation Policy

  •  All members must cancel via their Booking App any classes they are unable to attend.
  • To cancel a booking, this must be done at least: 4 hours prior to a Mat Pilates Class: this includes all group mat based classes, Barre, and Chair based classes; 24 hours prior to a Reformer Pilates class: this includes all group Reformer classes; and  24 hours prior to a Private 1to1: this includes all individual classes booked on a one to one basis.
  • A class credit is treated as used for any classes booked but not attended where the cancellation policy has not been followed.

 Responsibility for your personal belongings

  • Pilates Donegal will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Bikes and cars are parked at your own responsibility. 

Members responsibility 

  • Please act responsibly in respect of your own health and the health of other members attending the studio. Please do not attend the studio if you are displaying symptoms of Flu or you have reason to believe you may have Covid or you are a close contact of someone who has Covid.
  • Please act responsibly when using equipment within the studio, misusing or tampering with equipment may lead to cancellation of your membership.

 Studio Closure

  • You will be notified in the event that the studio has to close due to unforeseen circumstances (including but not restricted to pandemics, building works, floods, fires or other emergencies).
  • All packages and memberships will be frozen from the first day of closure and extended for the period of time the studio is closed, and will be unfrozen on the date the studio reopens.
  • Refunds will not be issued.