Pilates Reformer

Looking for a great physical and mental workout?

Through a series of exercises and movement patterns Pilates on the Reformer strengthens and tones your muscles and improves core strength and posture. There is the added benefit of being able to tailor your workout with a choice of resistance springs. It enables you to work on your fitness in a non-weight bearing way, making it kinder on your joints.

Pilates on the reformer improves:
  • all over body strength 
  • core strength (hips, abdominals, back)
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • focus
  • coordination
  • body alignment

Reformer pilates is suitable for all fitness levels

The Pilates Reformer provides is a low impact workout. All moves are demonstrated and options always available to make your exertion level lighter or more challenging - best advice is to work at the pace that suits you and we will take it from there.

All this makes Reformer Pilates suitable for Beginners

what we get up to in class...

Each reformer class gives a total body workout with an empasis on core strength (think hips, deep abdominals and either side of spine to base of head). It can help improve and maintain overall physical fitness leading to greater strength, flexibility and balance. If you have done mat Pilates before, you will recognise all the Principles of Pilates being applied for each move just like in your mat class - however add weighted resistance in a lying, kneeling, and standing positions and the reformer goes that much further than a mat class for a full body workout!