joint care pilates

Our Joint Care Pilates class have a special focus on knees, hips, and back comfort. These are geared to be small, supportive classes aimed at helping you increase your fitness.

Some of the benefits your get from this class

1. Gentle Rehabilitation

Ease your knee, hip, and back discomfort with low-impact exercises.

2. Improved Mobility

Enhance your flexibility and movement for everyday activities.

3. Individual Attention

Small class size ensures you get personalized support and guidance.

4. Stress Reduction

Experience relaxation and a sense of well-being through mindful Pilates practice. Bubbles optional!

Commonly asked questions

will we be on floor?

All our exercises can be performed either standing, kneeling, sitting or lying down. You will be encouraged to choose whichever position suits you best. 

Starting with a 1to1?

If you like the idea of eventually joining a group exercise class, but would like to start first with some Private 1to1 classes, then check out our Private Classes page.

Medical Conditions?

It is advisable to check with your GP or physiotherapist if you have a medical condition or injury that affects your ability to exercise to ensure Pilates is currently suitable. 

will I get lost?

Full demo and description of all the exercises is given including options to make the moves more accessible or more challenging depending on how you are on the day.