Beach Pilates

Looking for something to do in Rossnowlagh

Now offering outdoor classes on our beautiful Rossnowlagh beach all year round (exception made if snowing).

Our Beach Pilates classes combine Pilates moves and principles with cardio exercises to develop all over body strength, stamina, and cardio health.

Ideal for restarting your fitness after a break, or for Beginners who are new to exercise classes or new to Pilates.

You can book directly via the live schedule below - start by selecting the class you wish to join. Note that booking closes one hour before the start time of a class. Note that bad weather may cause classes to be cancelled - if you are booked in you will be contacted beforehand.

  • Build all over body strength including core strength
  • Increase mobility
  • Develop flexibility, stretch and release muscles
  • Improve body control and mind body connection
  • Work on coordination and stability balance
  • Restore muscle balance

Selecting a class in the calendar will prompt you to enter your email address to make your booking.

For new members - enter an email address that you would like your communications to be sent to. You will then be prompted to purchase a class credit to secure your booking.

For returning members, please enter your usual email address. If you have class credits already your booking will be made. Otherwise you will get a prompt to purchase a class credit to secure your booking.

See Pricing for details of class costs including discounted membership packs.