pilates related gifts

Explore the perfect gifts for the Pilates enthusiast in your life, and elevate their practice with thoughtful and functional presents. From premium equipment to stylish accessories, these gift ideas are designed to enhance their Pilates experience. Think about the person you are purchasing for - aim to choose a gift that aligns with their specific preferences and needs, and watch as you contribute to their Pilates journey with a thoughtful and practical surprise.

these are my top pilates related gift choices

high quality pilates mat

Elevate any Pilates workout with a quality, extra-cushioned Pilates mat. Look for options with non-slip surfaces and good padding to provide comfort during workouts.

stability ball

Develop deep core engagement, challenge balance, build posture strength, and increase flexibility with a stability ball. This adds fun to low impact exercise routines.

Foam roller

Aid recovery and prevent muscle tightness with a fascia release foam roller. This will help improve flexibility and range of motion, - good for post-workout routines.

Hand weights

Hand weights will add strength training to a regular Pilates workout. Choose half kilo/ 1 kilo, 1.5 kilo, or 2 kilo weights.

spikey balls

Help soothe sore muscles and improve flexibility with a set of massage balls. These compact tools target specific areas, releasing tension and promoting relaxation after a challenging Pilates session.

stability cushion

Boost Pilates skills with a stability cushion, intensifying core engagement, refining balance, and injecting dynamic versatility into every workout.

Pilates magic circle

Enhance strength and flexibility training with a Pilates Magic Circle - also known as a Pilates ring. This piece of equipment is responsible for more low groans at the studio than any other piece of kit we use.  

Gift voucher

Treat them to a few classes at a local Pilates studio or offer a gift card for private sessions. This buys expert guidance and helps refine their practice under professional instruction.

Grip socks

You can't go wrong with a good pair of grip socks. They enhance stability and prevent slipping during Pilates workouts, ensuring a safer and more effective workout. 

Pilates gifts in the studio

We have a select range of Pilates items available to purchase in the studio - includes:
  • Pilates mats
  • Full length foam rollers,
  • Stability cushions
  • Hand weights
  • Pilates Blocks
  • Resistance bands
  • Spikey balls and 
  • Pilates grip socks - all sizes and styles to suit women and men.