A Big Donegal Welcome to our Private Group Classes with Pilates Donegal. Whatever your fitness level we hope you will feel your classes make a difference to how you feel and move in your body. These classes are suitable for sports clubs to complement their regular training, or Active Retirement Groups to keep everything running smoothly, or Employer work placed groups to maintain health and fitness and develop team connections.

Exercise positions

Our Private Group Classes can be performed standing, seated, or on the floor using a Pilates or Yoga mat. We can mix it up and do a little of each - or focus just on one of these positions.

Fun and relevant

All our Private Group Classes are fun and engaging. We work hard, and have a little banter as we go along. All our moves will be related back to why we do the move and where you should be feeling it.

Your Class Goal

Your goal is to leave your class at least a little bit better than when you arrived. Stop and rest when you need to. Accept options to increase/decrease the challenge level of moves to suit you. Ask questions if unsure.

Medical conditions or injuries

Having a medical condition or injuries will require you to check with your GP to ensure Pilates is right for you at the moment. It may mean that some of your exercises need to be modified to ensure you get the benefit of them - that's okay, we are very flexible - we can easily take a different approach.

Join now

To arrange your own private Pilates Course please get in touch at or telephone 0874313740