core + more monthly event

Unique blend of strength, stretch and restore pilates

A monthly event at our Ballyshannon Studio with two components:

  • Full body Pilates workout, followed by a
  • Relaxing Mindfulness session

Our next date is Sat 12th Nov. Booking required.
The event starts at 10am and ends at 12.15pm
Suitable for all fitness levels - no Pilates experience needed. Light refreshments served.

Booking now open for Sat 12th Nov

Cost of this experience is 30 euro. 

Two elements to our Core + more events

1. Pilates

We start the course with an extended Pilates session. Our aim is to give you a full body workout: mobilise all the major muscles and joints of your body to develop strength, flexibility, mobility and mind body connection. We use the Pilates principles of making our movement start from our core, and coordinate our mind and body movement, and move with flow and precision. This element of our course is led by Oonagh McDevitt.

2. mindfulness

We end the course with a Mindfulness session aimed at helping you have more control over how thoughts are making you feel. This can help improve both mental and physical wellbeing, ease stress, soothe anxiety. It can also allow you to be more present and engaged in life.This element of our course is led by Elizabeth Anderson , Healing Hub, Ballyshannon. If you are new to mindfulness this video link on the website may be of interest.

suitable for all fitness levels

The Core + More Monthly Course is a low impact workout suitable for all fitness levels. You can choose to use a mat or a chair  - or a combination of both for your class. All moves are demonstrated and options always available to adapt the moves to make them suitable - best advice is to work at the pace that suits you and we will take it from there.

Choose to use a mat on the floor

Generally we go onto the floor once, and come up off the floor once. If you like, you can have a chair positioned next to you to help get onto and off the floor.  Mats are supplied, however you are welcome to bring your own.

Choose to use a chair

You are welcome to use a chair for all or some of the Pilates or MIndfulness elements of the course.