Preparing for your first online class

Feel stronger and bendier with Pilates

We will be using free software called Zoom that allows you to see and hear me teaching your class, and for me to hear and see you participating in the class. You can use ZOOM on your phone, laptop or tablet, just so long as the device you use has a speaker and a camera. The bigger screen on tablets and laptops will make it easier for you to see me, but a phone will work too.   ZOOM is easy to use, but It takes a few minutes to set up and to familiarise yourself with the software – so definitely advisable to do this in advance.  

The Zoom App is free to download. Please download it onto the device you will be using to attend your online class. NOTE: You do not need to SIGN UP or SIGN IN to ZOOM to participate in our online classes – these options are if you wish to create your own account within ZOOM.

  • IPAD/ Iphone: go to Apple APP Store, search ZOOM Cloud Meetings and download that App. Note that during set up you will be asked to use internet audio, choose YES
  • Android phone/tablet: go to Play Store, search ZOOM Cloud Meetings and download that App
  • Laptop/desktop: you do not need to download an app – you simply go to and follow the instructions below

Join Your Online Class

  • IPAD/Iphone/Android phone/tablet: Open the Zoom Cloud Meetings App – select the blue button with the words 'Join A Meeting' – this will prompt you to enter the Meeting ID. This will be sent to you when you book a class. Enter the Meeting ID. Then click 'Join Meeting'. In order for me to see and hear you, and for you to see and hear me please ensure you do not select the Join Options that turn off Audio, and turn off Video.
  • Laptop: open the webpage Along the top of your screen in blue writing, click the words JOIN A MEETING. This will open a new screen with the words Join a Meeting and a prompt box where you enter the Meeting ID . Then click Join.
  • Organise your space: Have your workout area and equipment you will need ready: mat, weights, cushion for your head, water, or anything you need for your class. Maybe put the cat/dog/budgie in the next room?
  • Position your device: place your device in a position that I can see you – not only when you are standing up – but also when you are lying down. Also worth checking your devices are charged and or plugged in to power – and that you have enough data on your phone, or that your internet is working okay.
Ask for help if you get stuck – I am available to make sure you are ready. In any event I will be online at least 15 minutes before a class is due to start - if you have any questions or just want to log in early.

Relax and have fun! This is a very enjoyable way to do your class without having to leave your house!!