Your first online class

Tips to make your first online class go smoothly

We will be using free software called Zoom that allows you to see and hear me teaching your class, and for me to hear and see you participating in the class. It is advisable to  familiarise yourself with joining zoom in advance of your meeting. Take some time to organise yourself and your space where you will be exercising.  

Getting started on Zoom

Prior to your first class you will receive an email with a URL link you need to join your online class. We use the software Zoom for our classes - check out the video below to see how you use the URL link to join your class and the settings on Zoom that you can control.

Organising yourself

Have your workout area and equipment you need ready: mat, weights, cushion for your head, chair, water. Maybe put the dog in the next room?  Place your device in a position where we can see you when you are sitting/standing/lying down. Also worth checking your devices are charged or plugged in to power – and you have enough data on your phone, or your internet is working okay. You may also find it helpful to check out our Tips for joining your first class.For booking online classes see Book Your Online Class.

Meet the Ballyshannon Active Retirement Group

The restrictions of lockdown during 2020 and 2021 did not stop this group of ladies from enjoying their weekly Chair Pilates class. Many had used their phones and ipads to video chat with family, and had joined local computer awareness classes to learn how to do this, or enlisted help from friends and family. All from the comfort of their own home.

Relax and have fun! This is a very enjoyable way to do your class without having to leave your house!!