What happens when you add Pilates to your fitness routine?

For all round body fitness consider adding Pilates to your cardio workout schedule. Pilates will strengthen and condition your body helping you prepare and recover from your sports or fitness training and also help prevent injury.

It does this by working the body as a whole to enable all parts to work in harmony with each other. Our normal everyday activities and habits can cause imbalances in the body, which may lead to muscles being pulled, or in some cases medical conditions like repetitive strain. Pilates can help to redress imbalances, and to raise awareness  in our mindsof our actions – both conscious and unconscious. They say knowledge is power, this information about ourselves can help us identify and address bad habits.

Unlike cardio work, Pilates is performed at a much slower rate, in fact, the slower, the better. This helps develop strength and endurance. When I first started Pilates, the slow pace was a challenge as I was so used to doing things at speed and against the clock.

The beauty about Pilates is that the techniques can be used in your everyday life to help you use your body more effectively and to maintain balance, posture, strength, muscle tone, flexibility and calm in your body.

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