Pilates for Sports and dance

How you can enhance your performance and recovery

 With Pilates exercises, all movement starts from your core - Pilates targets the deep core muscles that connect your entire body - this results in increased core strength. Most sports rely on core strength for performance. 
Your core is the link between your upper and lower body, it is what allows a golfer to swing the club to strike the ball, a footballer to manoeuver at speed and kick the ball, a cyclist to remain stable on the saddle and power the pedals, and a swimmer to rotate their torso and kick their legs.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Efficiency of movement
  3. Improved muscle balance
  4. Reduction and prevention of injury
  5. More power that drives enhanced sports performance


Pilates enable sports preparation by cultivating strength, flexibility, and balanced muscle engagement. It refines biomechanics, builds core stability, and promotes functional movement patterns. Ideal for athletes of all levels.


Pilates enables sports recovery by optimizing biomechanics to minimize muscle strain, enhancing flexibility for a full range of motion, and prioritizing core stability to fortify the body's center.

improved balance

Pilates helps rebalance muscles between the right and left sides of the body. This helps sports performance by promoting symmetrical strength, and enhancing overall stability. 

Less injuries

Using Pilates to work specifically on weak areas of the body, or body areas that are particularly challenged by certain sports or dance can help prevent or reduce the likelihood of injury.

more power

Pilates improves your core strength which enhances body control and balance, providing a solid foundation for sprinting, jumping, and field maneuvers. This results in more powerful, controlled, and efficient athletic performance.