Older Adult Exercise Classes

Welcome to our classes specifically for Older Adults

We have designed two class options that are specially tailored for adults over the age of 55. They both have a focus on increasing functional movement, strength, mobility and flexibility.  These classes are suitable for beginners. 

Let's Move - Older Adult

Our Let's Move - Older Adult course is designed to increase your overall fitness and to work on one of your personal fitness goals. It is run over 10 weeks and includes x10 weekly group classes each 50mins and x1 OneToOne fitness assessment and goal setting session for 50mins.   

Chair Pilates

Our Chair Pilates courses are designed to maintain and increase functional movement for everyday activities such as walking, sitting down, standing up, climbing steps, and pushing and pulling with the arms. It is run over 6 weeks and includes x6 weekly group classes each 50mins. These are available for booking by Clubs/Employers.

Exercise positions

Our Older Adult classes use a chair - and you can choose to sit or stand for any or all of the exercises - full demo and description of all the exercises given including options to make the moves more accessible or more challenging. 

Join in person or online

Both of our Let's Move-OlderAdult, and Chair Pilates classes are available to join in person in Ballyshannon or via zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Contact us

If you have any questions before you get started Contact us.

You may find it helpful to check our Beginner Pilates page on some tips to get you started.

Meet Kathleen

After doing 3 months of Older Adult Pilates classes, Kathleen noticed that she was more flexible than she had been in a long time. It wasn't until she was able to put her socks on herself that she noticed just how flexible she had become - she was delighted and said: "I can put on my own socks again for the first time in two years".