We are delighted to offer the following options including discounted class packs. Please check back regularly as our special offers will change. Choose to pay as you go or save money with purchasing more than one class. All classes 50 minutes. Terms and conditions below. Special discounted rates for full time students with Class Packs A, B and G only- student card/ or look like you are under 18 required for discount.

A: Six group classes in 6 consecutive weeks each 50 min:

total 60€ - save 12€

Student Rate 30€ - save 6€

B: Up to Eighteen group classes in 6 consecutive weeks each 50 min:

total 100€ - save up to 216€

Student Rate 50€ - save up to 108€

C: Twelve group classes in 12 consecutive weeks each 50 min:

total 110€ - save 34€

D: Three Private Lessons in 3 consecutive weeks each 50 min

total 90€ - save 90€

E: One private lesson Plus six group classes in 6 consecutive weeks ****SPECIAL OFFER****

total 90€ - save 30€

F: Six Private Lessons in 6 consecutive weeks each 50 min:

total 330€ - save 30€

G: Single group class 50 min:

total 12€ - no discount

Student Rate 6€ - save 6€

H: Two group classes in one week, each 50 min:

total 20€ - save 4€ 

I: One Private Class 50 min:

total 60€ - no discount

J: Corporate package - available to employers in bundles of 50 or 100 class passes - employees may attend any group class in Pilates Donegal in 6 months each 50 min:

  • total for x50 class passes: 500€ - save 100€
  • total for x100 class passes 1000€ - save 200€

Terms and Conditions relating to class purchase and use

  1. A Class Pass or Class Pack is for the named person only - they are non transferable. The Corporate Pack is for employees of the purchasing employer only.

  2. Each class is filled on a first come basis. Priority given to pre booked spots. Full payment is due when you attend the class.

  3. Absence from a pre booked class is treated as having attended the class where the cancellation policy was not followed. To cancel a booking, this must be done at least 6 hours prior to a group class commencing, or 24 hours prior to a private lesson commencing. This is the cancellation policy.

  4. A class pack is valid for a specified number of weeks depending on the pack purchased. The validity period applies from the date the first class of the Pack is taken. For these purposes a class booked but not cancelled in line with the Cancellation Policy will be treated as having been taken.

  5. Unused Class Pack credits are refundable on the basis that any classes booked/taken are charged at 12 euro each, or where applicable 60 euro each for private lessons.