Let's Move - Older Adult

Welcome to our latest Pilates classes for Older Adults

A Big Warm Welcome to Pilates with Pilates Donegal. We are delighted to offer a 10 week course which includes a weekly 50min class and a 1to1 fitness test and goal setting session. The course is designed to increase functional movement, strength, mobility and flexibility and to address one of your personal fitness goals. At the end of the course the fitness tests will be carried out again to enable you to assess your progress. These classes are suitable for beginners. 


two scheduled course times during the week to choose from Wednesday 5pm and Friday 11.15pm. 

See picture for sample of some of the topics we cover in respect of movement and strength in our  Let's Move Older Adult classes.

What would your goal be?

During your 1to1 fitness assessment and goal setting session we carry out minimum fitness tests. We use the tests developed by Sport Ireland for RTE's Operation Transformation. They cover balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, and overall fitness. We also discuss your personal fitness goals and choose one to work on over the course of the 10 weeks. The picture above shows the range of personal fitness goals for our members of the current 10 week course.

Exercise positions

Our Older Adult classes are done either standing, sitting or leaning on a chair or a wall. No kneeling on getting onto or off the floor - although the exercises we will be doing may make it easier for you to get on and off the floor.Choose to join the class in person in Ballyshannon, or via zoom.

Fun and relevant

Our Older Adult classes are fun and engaging.  Over the 10 week course we work on maintaining or increasing your performance of the minimum fitness tests, plus any personal goals you have. You will be able to see your progress when the minimum fitness tests are repeated at our week 10 class.

Medical conditions or injuries

Having a medical condition or injuries will require you to check with your GP to ensure Pilates is right for you at the moment. It may mean that some of your exercises need to be modified to ensure you get the benefit of them - that's okay, we are very flexible - we can easily take a different approach.

Contact us

If you have any questions before you get started Contact us.

You may find it helpful to check our Beginner Pilates page on some tips to get you started.

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