Some tips to get you started...

it can be very exciting and also a little scary starting something new. However, if you are prepared, the experience should leave you feeling great - and keen to do your next class...

Book your place

Class sizes are limited – to avoid disappointment book your spot. Classes start promptly so allow yourself time to sign in and get settled. Aim to have something light to eat at least an hour before the class starts – and be nicely hydrated.

What will we be doing?

We work all the main muscle groups and joints of the body.  I teach through demonstrating, explaining, observing, and correcting.  In your first  class - we will cover the basics – the exercises and the principles of Pilates. We generally start at a slower pace to build up confidence gradually.  

What pace do we move at?

Pilates is for every body – regardless of gender, age, or fitness level. Your goal is to leave the class better than when you arrived. Stop and rest when you need to. Accept options to increase/decrease the challenge level of moves to suit you. Aim to perform with precision, flow and awareness. Work at your pace.

After your first class…

You might find you sleep really well after your first class and are more energetic. Ensure you drink a little more water than you usually do to help your body recover. It is usual to be a little sore the day after a first class – however seek medical advice if this lasts more than a couple of days. Between classes practice one or two of the moves you did in class. Stick with it!

There is likely to be a lot of information to process, try and give as much as you can a go, make the time count – and most of all make it all about you!

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