Fit for life Pilates Classes


Welcome to our Fit For Life classes, designed with you in mind – intelligent,
recently retired from professional jobs, and with a no-nonsense approach to life. Our sessions are all about boosting your functional strength so you can tackle everyday activities with confidence and ease.
We have two  weekly classes - you can choose to do one or both - your choice. They are on Mon and Wed at 5pm.

Real fitness

We keep it real with a mix of Pilates exercises that target key muscles and joints, giving your heart a good workout and keeping those bones sturdy. Forget the fluff – our classes are focused on results and a practical, down-to-earth approach to fitness.

Functional Toolkit

In our sessions, we work on the essentials: balance, stability, coordination, mobility, and strength. To add variety and challenge stability, balance and resistance, we makes use of a variety of small equipment like balls, stability cushions, dumbbells, and barres.

Tailored for you

We keep things simple, effective, fun and enjoyable.  All exercises will be clearly described and demonstrated. Modifications are given for all exercises depending on ability to ensure you get the most from your class.

Exercise positions

We will be standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying down. This is an all fitness levels class. If you like, you can choose to do all your exercises in a seated position. 


My name is Oonagh McDevitt, and I have extensive experience teaching all ages with fitness levels and am keen for you to get the most out of each class you atten. Full demo and description of all the exercises given including options to make the moves more accessible or more challenging depending on how you are on the day.

Medical Conditions

It is advisable to check with your GP or physio if you have a medical condition or injury to ensure Pilates is right for you at the moment. It may mean that some of your exercises need to be modified to enable you to get the benefit of them - that's okay, I am very flexible - we can easily take a different approach. For more see Returning to Fitness.

Got a Question Before You Get Started?