Cardio Pilates

Fun full body cardio workout 

This has become one of our most popular classes - particularly with students that have become proficient at Pilates and wished to add a challenge to their weekly workouts.

Fitness level

Ideal for anyone including beginners with a good level of fitness. 

  • Boost metabolism
  • Sculpt and tone
  • Strengthen muscle
  • Challenge your body
  • Work up a Sweat

Not recommended for anyone with injuries.

If in doubt check with your GP before getting started.

Get ready to sweat

Our Cardio Pilates class are Pilates based workouts using high intensity interval training methods. 
Combines Pilates based principles for strength and muscle tone and High Intensity Interval Training to get your heart rate up with some high intensity exercises.

We use props in our all our classes including our Cardio Pilates. They are great tools to help add challenge or make any exercise either more accessible or successful.

Adding cardio and weights to your workout makes the body work harder, and improves your whole body health including your cardio vascular system.