Registration is required for all classes.

For private classes please call.

Once you register, you can book your classes either in your personal portal or the Interactive Timetable


If your membership has expired or does not exist, you will get a prompt to indicate either:

  • that your membership with Pilates Donegal has expired or does not exist, or
  • your member details/contact details for the email address provided are not on the system.

You only need to complete the registration form  once - we will send you full details on how to use the online booking and how to purchase new class credits. 

To make a booking ensure you have class credits available to make your booking, this might mean you need to either cancel a future booking to release a credit, or purchase a new class credit/class pack to allow you to book a class. 

Message if you get stuck or would like a reminder of the email address you registered with.