Beginners Pilates

Our goal is to help you look after yourself and keep you doing the things that matter to you particularly as age starts slowing things down, or your busy schedule places physical demands on your body. We aim to ensure you leave each class a little better than when you started the class.

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What is the best pilates for beginners?

The best Pilates for beginners is a combination of moves that activate all the major muscles, mobilises all the major joints, and gently stretches the body. Moves such as spinal roll downs, swimming on all fours, one leg circles, double arm circles, chest lifts, and one leg stretches can all be modified to make them suitable for beginners. 


Level 1 and All Levels Classes

Any class that is marked as a Level 1 or an All Levels class are a good place to start for beginners. This could be a mat Pilates or a Reformer Pilates class. You do not need to have done mat Pilates before you start reformer Pilates classes.  

Medical conditions

If you have a medical condition or injuries affecting your ability to exercise, please check with your GP to ensure Pilates is right for you at the moment. It is advisable to book a Private 1to1 class before joining a group class to help me understand what is going on with your body, what your goals are, and how we are going to help you achieve them.

New to exercise?

If you are new to exercise classes,  the toughest part of your class will probably be just showing up. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace. Give yourself time - we all were beginners and understand what it is like - you'll get there!

What to expect

We work all the main muscle groups and joints of the body. We generally start at a slower pace to build up confidence gradually. Each will we will build on what you did in your previous class.

How we teach

Each exercise will be demonstrated and explained before you will be asked to follow. We then observe, and correct. Stop and rest when you need to. Accept options to increase/decrease the challenge level of moves to suit you.

Building your

Our Beginners classes and our Fit For Life classes cover all the basics – the exercises and the principles of Pilates. The aim is to give you a good feel and understanding of Pilates.

Just bring the body you have and we will take it from there

Our goal is to help you maintain and develop your all over body strength, flexibility, mobility, muscle balance and stability.