Barre - a unique blend of Pilates and Ballet to music

How Barre gives you a great physical and mental workout

Through a series of exercises and movement patterns  Barre strengthens and tones your muscles and improves core strength and posture. There is the added challenge of coordinating the body to move to music which helps increase your mind body connection. 

The exercises will help burn calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance. They also will improve your stability balance, build all over body strength, increase your flexibility,  develop endurance, re-energise, and improve coordination.

How Barre is suitable for all fitness levels

Barre is a low impact cardio workout combining Pilates principles and exercises inspired by ballet moves, to music. All moves are demonstrated and options always available to make your exertion level lighter or more challenging - best advice is to work at the pace that suits you and we will take it from there.

All this makes Barre suitable for Beginners. Also kind to knees as there is no getting onto and off the floor.

Meet Laura...

...who started Barre to add variety to her daily half hour walk. She has continued with Barre as she has seen an improvement in her posture, has better muscle tone, less incidences of back pain, and has more energy.  Recently messaged to say “Thank you, am really enjoying the Barre class…and definitely helping my back”