All our Pilates and Barre classes are now running Online and will include aerobic exercises and deepbreathing exercises. These have been reported to help reduce the risk of a severe case of COVID-19. 

Book your class  as usual using the booking system - you will then be sent your Meeting ID to join your online class - see Online Classes for full details on how to set yourself up ready for your classes.

**NEW** Member Area with sample class routines and video clips of moves we covered in class. 

**NEW** Beach Pilates coming soon Summer 2020 - details to follow.

Pilates can help your fitness 

Pilates builds strength, flexibility and joint mobility - choose the class that is right for you - or if you are not sure, start with Beginners and take it from there. Pilates has something for Every Body.

1. Pilates:

2. Barre - Cardio workout mixing Pilates & Ballet to music

Unable to attend your regular Pilates - check out this Pilates at home workout.

Top 10 Pilates Questions questions I regularly get and my answers

This month we will be paying particular attention to developing our mind body connection in our classes.

Pilates exercises strengthen, balance, stretch and release your muscles. This enables you to maintain good spinal posture which can help reduce back pain.

Cardio Barre classes combine Pilates and Ballet moves to music - great workout! 

Cardio Pilates add a challenge to your regular Pilates workout - new class options

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