Some of the recent feedback from my students:

“Never the same class twice – the variety keeps me on my toes” Pilates Experienced Student

“Loved the class so much last week that I brought my friend this week” Pilates Beginner Student [and they also earned themselves a free class - see referrals]

“Ha – I will never be able to do that!” The same student a month or so later:  “I am so pleased with myself – I never thought I would ever be able to do that!” Pilates Beginner Student

"My back has not felt this good in a long time" Pilates Beginners Student

"Pilates has reduced my back pain - not just the level of pain, but the number of times in a month that I am sore with it" Pilates for Back Strength Student

“My sports training and performance  is much better” Pilates For Sports Student

“Glad I came to class today…really miss it when I don’t” Pilates Beginner Student

“I have always been active and as I get older Pilates is helping me keep active” Pilates Experienced Student

"The best Pilates class I have ever taken and my back has never felt better." Pilates for Back Strength Student

"My work colleagues have asked me what I am doing different as my posture and body look stronger and more toned" Pilates Experienced Student

"Classes are a very enjoyable way to keep flexible! Oonagh adapts to all ages and abilites in her classes and always has a challenge up her sleeve...if you are prepared to take it on! Pilates Experienced student

“My physiotherapist recommended Pilates to help my recovery and am delighted to say they are really happy with my progress!” Pilates Beginner Student

“I've been having trouble with tightness in my shoulders for years - and last week we did a new stretch that just seemed to unlock a forever tightness” Pilates Experienced Student

"During the past 6-7 weeks I have become more flexible in a very relaxing, enjoyable class" Barre Student

"I can now balance on one leg - it has been many years since I could do that" Barre Student

"Great class, Oonagh really listens to your complaints (problem areas) and tips on how to help these." Pilates Experienced Student

"Really enjoying the Barre v the Pilates classes. Upright suits me better" Barre Student