Pilates and BARRE: Tone Your body

Oonagh McDevitt June 2019

Pilates and Barre can tone your whole body and develop strength and muscle control to make your posture more graceful and your daily activities easier.

Pilates works on strengthening, lengthening and toning muscles, as well as improving posture and increasing flexibility and balance and building core strength.

In this way it is distinct from any other exercise type.

Because it exercises every muscle in the body without over-developing anything and creating bulk muscle, Pilates is often practiced by dancers. In Barre we use the Pilates Principles throughout our workout together with ballet moves to work out and tone the body.

“…the lengthening and strengthening basis of the method helps keep our muscles supple, which means we look leaner and stay stronger as dancers for longer.”

Darcey Bussell

Ramona Pilates, the wife of Joseph Pilates said that when you first start doing Pilates:

“you will notice how dramatically your body will change, your thighs and buttocks will slenderize”.

Regular practice is needed to achieve body toning with Pilates and Barre. Ideally it should be accompanied with exercise that will raise the heart rate (e.g. brisk walking, cycling or running), and with a balanced diet.