I got my first introduction to Pilates in the 1990’s when I lived and worked in London. I was asked to help make up the numbers for a new type of exercise class being introduced at the health club that I went to. Looking back I was probably the worst student ever but someone who really needed Pilates the most!

I should probably explain that at the time I equated fast with good. I loved circuit training, distance swimming, half marathons, and cycling. My job was also challenging and demanding. I thrived on doing things fast and cramming as much into every day that I could.

So when I first started Pilates I struggled to slow down to its’ pace – and to be fair I just didn’t get it. But I enjoyed the challenge it presented – I thought I was fit and flexible because of my active lifestyle – but every single move was like I had to learn a new way of moving my body. I ached for days afterwards.

But I persisted – and within 3 months my running was smoother (particularly hill work), my swimming was stronger with the same amount of previous effort, and for the first time ever I could maintain a consistent cadence in my cycling. I was also calmer and had fewer visits to the physio for sports related injuries. The biggest change however was being able to ditch my mouth guard – my nightly teeth grinding had stopped!

So I went from reluctantly doing one class a week to loving Pilates and attending two or more classes a week because of the positive impact it had on my mind and body.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to train to become a Pilates instructor in Ireland. I gained an Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork at the National Training Centre, Dublin in 2015. Since then I have been teaching Pilates and more recently Barre and starting to teach Reformer Pilates Jan 2019 - I regularly undertake training to keep my knowledge, skills and understanding of Pilates and Barre fresh and up to date.

Pilates has been good to me - it has enabled me to prepare and recover from the things I love to do! I really enjoy teaching Pilates and Barre - my goal is to inspire, motivate and share my experience, knowledge and love of the work to each student in every class I teach.