5 Great Gift Ideas 

Gift Ideas Pilates and Barre

Suitable for all - from the absolute beginner to expert:

  • Socks: grip socks that keep you from sliding on slippery floors 
  • Mat: a thick exercise mat that cushions your spine, knees, hips, and hands during your moves
  • Foam roller: used to reduce muscle pain, increase flexibility and improve joint mobility 
  • Spikey ball: used to maintain flexibility, ease muscle tension and reduce tightness
  • Gift certificate: for lessons group or individual 


Wide selection of grip socks in stock at our Ballyshannon Pilates and Barre Studio.

My Favourite Grippy Knee Height Slouch Socks

2.exercise mat

Cushioned foam mat

Cushioned mats are available in different thicknesses, but my choice would be something 15mm thick that can be rolled up. Two types available to purchase in our studio shop - something to suit all budgets.

3.foam roller

Foam rollers are available in different lengths, but my preference is the 90 cm long one. They are also available in different levels of firmness, I have found that the softer option is generally preferred by those with back problems. We have long foam rollers and shorter versions to purchase in our studio shop. 

4. Spikey Ball

Spikey Ball

There are various sizes of spikey ball - the one we use in the studio is the small size and is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in our classes. Available to purchase in our studio shop.

5. gift vouchers

Pilates Donegal Gift Vouchers can be used as full or part payment for a single group class lesson (full cost 12 euro), a block of group class lessons (full cost 60 euro), or a private 50min lesson (full cost 45 euro).  To order your Pilates Donegal gift voucher which can be used anytime see Gift vouchers or complete enquiry form.