Sports and leisure activities can have a real and positive impact on our physical and mental health. Repeating certain movements regularly and favouring one side of the body over the other will impact your overall movement in the long term.

Pilates exercises help to rebalance and strengthen the body, improve posture and alignment and reduce stress helping us both recover and prepare for our busy lives - both in our leisure time, but also in the workplace.  We have an affordable and flexible way for Clubs to offer Pilates to their members.

The Club package allows a Club to purchase large bundles and allow their members to attend any scheduled class.

Club Package Options

100 classes 800€

Adding Pilates to your regular Club activities can have the following benefits for your members:

  • Strengthen core and build strong and balanced muscles.
  • Restore the body, reduce risk of injury, and help recovery from injury.
  • Improve technique and increase length of time able to continue with chosen activity.

The cost per person per class with the Club package is 8€.  Each pack is valid for 1 year from the date the first class is taken. This package cannot be extended or frozen. Minimum of 3 club members required.

Private group classes also available by arrangement - contact for details.