Registration is required for all classes. All scheduled classes are published on the Online Calendar - see below. For private classes please call to arrange. A printable copy of the most up to date schedule can be sent by email on request. The non interactive schedule is also available on the Class Description page at the bottom. For prices see Offers.

Use the < and > arrows to the right of the today button at the top of the online schedule below to scroll to the date you are interested in.

If you click on any of the Online Calendar class times you will receive a prompt to book in with your email - it will also show how many spaces are remaining.

If your membership has expired or does not exist, you will get a prompt to indicate either:

  • that your membership with Pilates Donegal has expired or does not exist, or
  • your member details/contact details werenot found for the email address provided

To continue, complete the online membership form - you will then be sent full details on how to use the online booking . 

If you have registered already and would like a reminder of the email you registered with please email with a reminder request.

Message me by email if you get stuck.

Online calendar

Browse through the calendar for details of all scheduled classes. Registered members with class credits may also use it for booking classes. Use the < > keys to change the date, and the drop down arrow 🔽to change Location. For more information on venues see Locations. Don't forget to have a look at the information on Class Descriptions, and Class Prices. Note, if you have class credits allocated to future classes but you wish to use the credit for a different class, then you need to delete the booking first to release the credit before then using it to book a different class.

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